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Review by independent reviewer Melanie Nelson

Back before the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and long security lines at airports, the airlines may have been a sexy place. That’s the impression we get in a night of farce during Boeing-Boeing by Marc Camoletti at St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre located at the Best Western Hudson House Inn.

As the story unfolds we meet the ostentatious Bernard, played by James Plante of Brooklyn Park, MN, who has three fiancées: an American, an Italian, and a German who are all flight attendants for airlines operating on opposite schedules. The laughter begins as his old school buddy Robert from Green Bay, WI, played by Mark Bradt of Maplewood, MN, visits him for an extended stay in Paris. No doubt you’ll remember Mark from his equally entertaining performance as the villain this summer on St. Croix Off Broadway’s stage in Way Out West or The Legend of the Ricochet Kid.

Bernard’s successful charade comes to an end with the entrance of Robert, but you may not guess the twist it takes in the third act with a pronounced performance by veteran St. Croix Off Broadway actress Augusta Lane as the German fiancée Gretchen. Her thick accent and lemon yellow are a sight to behold.

The American, played by Kelsey Hansen of Hudson, WI, and the Italian, played by Lydia Orvis of Roseville, MN, are both welcomed newcomers to this stage. They are very fun to watch and master their accents well.

Through it all is a cranky maid, played by Jaceleen Olson of Minneapolis, MN. She may call herself a “cheerful soul at heart,” but the more she is annoyed, the funnier she is.

While the script and the performances are enjoyable, there is another shining piece to this show; namely, the lighting. Upon first glance the set is not too terribly different from some other farces we regulars have seen on this stage, as there is only so much room for so many doors. But the walls evolve as the show progresses. I’m not sure if I was witnessing sunrises or sunsets, but whatever was happening on those purple walls was exceptional. Normally director Jim Zimmerman impresses with music, but this time it was definitely a light show.

Boeing-Boeing at St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre runs Friday and Saturday evenings through October 28. The price of $52 includes dinner; coffee, pop, tea, or milk; show; tip; and tax. Noon lunch matinees on October 1 and 29 are $39. Get your tickets by calling 715-386-2394 ext. 333 or order them online at

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