Life Could Be a Dream
Review by independent reviewer Melanie Nelson

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening!! Food was great, entertainment was even better!!! Joe Keith is amazing and Greg Lund gave (another) excellent performance!! So glad we have this theatre in town!!!

A Hudson, WI patron

He walks out on the stage, slender figured dawned in a black leather jacket with his collar up. The spotlight shines. He begins to croon… “Oh well… I’m the type of guy who will never settle down. Where pretty girls are, well, you know that I’m around.” It took everything in me not to scream like a teenage girl from 1961 and rush to the stage.

Welcome to Life Could Be A Dream, the Twin Cities premiere of this doo-wop musical, at St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre at the Hudson House Grand Hotel in Hudson, WI.

The story is set in the 1960s in teenager Denny’s basement. Denny is determined to enter Big Whopper Radio’s Bulls-eye Miller’s lifetime talent search. As the evening starts handsome rosy- cheeked Denny, played strongly by Philip Matthews, is preparing a duet with his best friend Eugene. Idiosyncrasies of the stereotypical ’60s nerd make Eugene, played by Jon Michael Stiff, nothing but lovable.

Before long they make it a trio by adding Wally to the group…the car driving, Piggly Wiggly- working, church-going teen is played by St. Croix Off Broadway veteran Greg Lund. Greg brings his deep rich tones from Righteous! The Story of The Righteous Brothers to the show.

New theatre patrons are in for a treat, and regulars will be thrilled when Skip, played by Joe Keith, is asked to join the group preparing for the talent contest. This is Joe’s ninth musical performance at St. Croix Off Broadway, and one of his most entertaining. It’s hard to believe the role wasn’t written for Joe.

The group’s sponsor “Big” Eddie has his daughter Lois, played by Jessica Breed, involved. She not only auditions the group and helps them with choreography, she steals the heart of Denny, Eugene, and Wally, while her eyes are squarely on Skip. Her cute costumes and big smiles have the boys, and the audience, eating out of her hand.

The atmosphere is set the moment you walk into the theatre. The music is just plain fun, and the set is a flashback to an old ’60s basement - complete with wood paneling, support poles, and an intercom connection to Mama upstairs.

If you enjoy music from the ’50s and ’60s like “The Wanderer,” “Duke of Earl,” and “Unchained Melody,” make your reservations now!

Life Could Be A Dream at St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre, located off of 94E Exit 2 in Hudson, WI, runs Friday and Saturday evenings through May 11. The price, $56, includes dinner; coffee, pop, tea, or milk; show; tip; and tax. There are four noon lunch matinees April 13, April 20, April 27, and May 11 for $42. Get your tickets by calling 715-386-2394 ext. 333 or order them online at

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